Chemistry Tables Folder 3 (of 3)

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This laminated 11 x 17 Chemistry Tables 3 folder contains 10 chemistry tables. Table of Contents includes: Constants for Various Equilibria at 1 atm and 298 K; Density and Boiling Points of Some Common Gases; Ionization Energies and Electronegativities; Physical Constants and Conversion Factors; Physical Constants for Water; Radii of Atoms; Relative Strengths of Acids in Aqueous Solution at 1 atm and 298 K; Solubility Curves; Standard Energies of Formation of Compounds; Standard Units. These folders are durable and will withstand lab use. Ideal for all high school and AP chemistry classes as well as college chemistry courses. SPECIAL SAVE - BUY ALL 3 FOLDERS (33 TABLES) $30.00 A SAVINGS OF $8.85 POSTAGE PAID
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