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A valuable aid to anyone seeking to understand and improve the quality of our water, this chart provides a survey of water management and water pollution. Included are an aquatic food chain depicting a primary mechanism by which mercury is concentrated to dangerous levels, the mercury cycle depicting dispersion of metal through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. A six-part table with water facts shows drinking water standards, conversion factors, pH scale, typical water pollutants, and lethal concentraion of substances showing levels at which life in fresh water starts to suffer. The central illustration (a chart in itself) shows water management and calls out all major sources of water pollution. Other sections show the major water pollutants, and examples of their effects are identified in full color. Water pollution by drainage is shown in a map of the U.S. Also included is a color illustration of the nitrogen cycle depicting the natural occurrence of nitrogen compounds. FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for method and charges
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