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The story of noise pollution and its impact on humans is told in a direct fashion in this beautiful color illustrated chart. What does today's noise do you your ears? How are the sounds of machiner, traffic and construction affecting your health? This chart illustrates and describes the seven major noise pollutants, their sources, and effect. The chart also has sections depicting how the level of noise (decibels) varies, in feet, with distance between the talker and listener, and a colorful curve showing the permissible noise exposures to sound level in decibels to hours per day. The large central illustration shows over 50 representations of the major sources of noise pollution and their human interrelations and noise levels in decibels. The chart covers the hearing ranges of animals, from the narrowest to the widest range of frequency, and it provides a cross-section of the human ear. A section on musical frequency ranges includes ranges of voice, most musical instruments, and the frequencies for notes on the piano keyboard. Values of sound deadening partitions are also covered. FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for shipping charges.
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