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Containing over 100 illustrations, this chart depicts areas of solid waste management and explains storage, collection, processing, recovery of resources, recycling and disposal. The solid waste sources section shows four major areas -- agricultural, mining, industrial and municipal. The major solid waste pollutants are identified, in addition to the effects of solid waste on our air, water, and land. This chart also shows advantages and disadvantages of ocean dumping, sanitary landfill, incineration, open dumping and recycling. A four-part table consisting of municipal solid waste composition (physical and rough chemical), incineration products of solid waste, solid waste collected per person per day and total collected solid waste in the U.S. with projections. An illustrated section of the chart explains how you can help solve the solid waste problem. This chart is filled with facts and figures. FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for shipping charges.
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