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Man's newest frontier -- the ocean. Now in a visual dimension never before displayed, some of the mysteries of the ocean are uncovered. Included on this chart are the theory of the continental Drift movement and breakup over 310 million years, continents and ocean basin cutaway illustrations, ocean basin defnition and ocean basin features. The major portion of the chart is devoted to an accurate overall detailed view of the ocean floors on a scale of 1:78,000,000 at the equator. A large phyical data section gives the dimensions of major bodies of water, the location, depth, length, mean width, areal extent, and the volume of major trenches of the oceans and physical properies of sea water and its 60 elements. Also included are sections on the Arctic and Antarctic, Beaufort Scale, major surface currents, ocean sound, ocean tides, ocean waves, ocean landmarks, and a look into future ocean projects. FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for shipping charges.
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