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It would take about 332,000 of our Earths to equal the sun's mass. More than a million Earths could fit inside because the sun's volume is so much greater. Matter from the sun averages about one-fourth as dense as the Earth's matter. The story of nature's nuclear reacor, the sun, is told in this beautifully illustrated full color chart. It gives a written description of the sun, shows prominences, sunspots, photosphere, chromosphere, and corona. The sun is an average size star, approximately 109 of our Earths could fit side by side across the diameter of the sun. The chart visually shows the sun size compared to the size of the Earth. The radiation relieased by this solar furnace, the sun, is the ultimate source of much of the earth's available energy, and it is estimated that this supply will continue on for about another 50 billion years. Complete and up-to-date physical data is given. This chart is ideal for those with an interest in astronomy and solar energy. FREE SHIPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for shipping charges.
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