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Beyond Tomorrow: The Next Fifty Years in Space • 168 pages • 53 Full Color Plates • 11 Charts • 47 Black and White Illustrations • Simulated Leather Binding • Gold Stamped. Each book is signed by the artist Roy Scarfo. A very limited number of books are available. This collector's book is a first edition copy published in 1964 by Amherst Press. This is the most thought-provoking book of the Space Age. After more than 35 years, a very limited number of copies of "Beyond Tomorrow" were discovered in a corner of a garage. The books have a musty odor (which will dissipate in time), but the book and all the pages inside are new. The books are offered by the artist on a first-come basis. Each book is signed by the artist. In collaboration with Dr. Dandridge M. Cole, "Beyond Tomorrow: The Next Fifty Years in Space" presents what these two men saw for the advancements in space exploration, space development and colonization, and advancements in humans themselves. All of their concepts were based on scientific feasability at that time (early 1960's) and on the rate of advancement and development then. Fifty years later, many of their concepts are only now being seriously researched, many of their concepts present questions on the future of society, politics, medicine, ethics, religion and all aspects of human living, and many of their concepts are what Utopian dreams are made of... and what will become reality... Beyond Tomorrow. Visit for a sampling of some of Roy's ideas. Press Reviews of the book "...It is a superb job, a truly brilliant picture of technological development in the forthcoming decades. I have seen nothing to compare with it as a words-and-picture exploration of the future." Edward S. Cornish The National Geographic Society "...I was fascinated by its boldness and left breathless by its sweep." Edward Kern Life Magazine " The best thing of its kind I have ever read." Brigadier General Merian C. Cooper, USAF, Ret. "...This reviewer has read all the major works in the astronautics field not only back to 1957 and Sputnik, but long before to the earliest such writings. It can, therefore, be categorically stated that this book by Dandridge M. Cole and Roy G. Scarfo stands supreme in its field, both in written content and in pictorial excellence. The magnificence of the series of vivid illustrations, as well as an additional group of non-color plates, present a 'living' picture of man's great venture into space, as it will happen beyond many tomorrows. To the student, the scientist, the thinker, the technologist - indeed to any person interested in the dynamics of life - "Beyond Tomorrow" is a MUST in his serious reading curriculum, if he wants to prepare himself or his children for the shock-wave of change coming out of the marching space age." Otto Binder, Science Writer "Highly recommended." Space World Magazine FREE SHIPPPING in U.S. Outside U.S. contact us for shipping charges.
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