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Inside-Outside World (Internal view) A colony of 10,000 to a million people could live safely and happily on the 600 square miles of inside surface of the “Inside-Out World.” Living conditions of the colonists would be much like that of the future citizens of advanced technological societies on Earth, except for a lower force of gravity and strange upturning horizon. To you, the visitor, these differences might be disturbing at first, but the native would enjoy the greater freedom of motion and the splendor of his three-dimensional panoramic view. He would not exchange this for the confining and limiting environment of Earth. It would make little difference to the citizens of the hollow asteroid whether their small world continued to circle our sun, or whether it headed off to visit the worlds beyond our solar system. With artificial sunlight generated from nuclear fuel, the “Inside-Outers” could cruise for generations toward a new home among the distant stars. Giclee Print. Image Size 11" x 13.5". Matted Size 16" x 20". FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING Please allow two weeks for delivery.
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